Vintager Straps

Vintager Straps

I really cant say enough great things about Vintager Straps by Micah Dirksen of Napa CA. This guy out does himself on every strap I have ever seen.  Last year he made me a 22/20mm strap for the Saddleback Leather “Beast Giveaway” out of one of their dark coffee Utility Straps (small pic below).  We’ll just say that Micah inspired me to take my artistic needs to the next step and start up some leather working myself.

About a month ago I placed another order, this time for two straps.  One was for his famous Mauser strap in a 24mm to round out my Greg Stevens GSD-1 47mm wrist macho.  I also love Micah’s Vintager French Canvas straps, but had a special request… I wanted one made from an old U.S. Army canvas bag that was my fathers around the time I was born at Fort Lewis WA.  So I sent him my size specs, thread color request (Mil Spec green for both), desired buckles, then we corresponded about the fit and placement of the “U S” on the strap then the email arrives with the photo of the completed product. As you can see in the photo he sent me yesterday, he knocked this one outta the park! What a great way to wear my heritage and some good ol’ U.S. Army pride.  Now the only part that sucks is waiting on the USPS to deliver…

Vintager Saddleback Strap

UPDATE: They showed up so I have added a couple photos below.


US Army Canvas Mauser



Cabot & Sons socks


Thanks to John Ratzenberger I am a proud Made in USA junkie. So much that I am starting my own “Made in USA” brand (to be revealed someday when I have finance, product design and employees, etc). When I first stumbled on a pack of Cabot & Sons crew socks I had to have them based on the proud “Made in Vermont, USA” stamped on the label. I wasn’t exactly in need for a hosiery replenishing, but what would a 3-pack of socks hurt? I loved them… I went back and bought 3 more packs (bringing my new collection to 12 ), and decided to cycle out the not so out with the not so old.

They meet the basic requirements: Comfy, Crew, No fuzzies, my size, and of course made in the good ol USA

Amazon (not always in stock)

Ambrosoli Honees


I picked up a pack of these today at the little crepes restaurant at the Oxbow marketplace in Napa .. I must have more… Could have really used some for a recent run in with a sore throat.

Per the Candy Blog:

The candies are simple. It’s a honey flavored hard candy with a gooey honey center. They come in this simple foil package of nine candies. Each rectangular rod is about one inch long with rounded sides. It fits in the mouth easily, it’s about the same mass as a Starlight Mint (5 grams).

They’re sweet but not cloying or throat searing, it’s more soothing. The honey notes are a little malty, soapy and floral and sometimes I get a little whiff of lemon or eucalyptus. I found that sometimes I could let the candy dissolve and reach the honey center but most of the time I bit them and sucked out the honey or chewed them up.

They’re all natural and only have three ingredients: sugar, corn syrup and honey. (But the honey keeps them from being vegan.)

They’re less like cough drops and more like candy. I can’t say that they calmed my cough that much (but it’s just allergies at the moment, not a cold). They also come in a menthol version and a milk & honey version.

Amazon $22

Product of Italy

Terroir Pocket Knife

Terroir Pocket Knife

Forget slick color coated handles on your pocket knives, and get a bit manlier with the Terroir Pocket Knife. With a thick rosewood handle, the Terroir Pocket Knife is basically the knife any outdoorsman would want to cuddle with at night. The knife, which was originally designed in France and produced by Baladeo, sports a 3.5″ stainless steel blade and clocks in at 3.4 ounces. There’s no fancy set of tweezers or any plastic toothpick, just a high-quality blade you can use to remove splinters and pick whatever you just cooked over your campfire out of your teeth with (be ultra careful with that part).  I recently bought one of these from Cool Material to compare to my old Henkels Sodbuster and it’s darn close (just a little smaller). Hat tip to Cool Material.

Cool Material $19

Greg Bates: EP

Greg Bates EP

More posts today for music that frequents my iPod playlists (I’m on a roll here), baby face with a big voice Greg Bates best known for his hit “Did it for the Girl” has huge potential to be the next superstar.  The recent lineup of Male country artists has been able to hold it’s own and shows a comeback reminiscent of the early 90’s.  Billy Dukes of Taste of Country gave the single four stars out of five, saying that it is “instantly memorable — if only for its clean simplicity.”  Here is the lineup for Greg’s EP, now lets hold our breath for a full album.

  1. “Go Time”
  2. “Brothers”
  3. “Fill in the Blank”
  4. “Lost in Caroline
  5. Did it for the Girl

iTunes $5.25

Jason Aldean: Night Train

Jason Aldean Night Train

This is a new topic for Satchel Stuff but I figured that since my iPod is in the Satchel and it is full of music I should review what I carry, and Night Train is my current go to track list.  Now for Mr. Aldean … Anxiously anticipated and not disappointed.  I bought this album the day I was heading out for an annual hunting trip and wow is this a great road trip album.  Keep it up Jason, keep it up!

  1. “This Nothin’ Town”
  2. “When She Says Baby”
  3. “Feel That Again”
  4. “Wheels Rollin'”
  5. “Talk”
  6. “The Only Way I Know” (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church)
  7. “Take a Little Ride”
  8. “I Don’t Do Lonely Well”
  9. “Night Train”
  10. “1994”
  11. “Staring at the Sun”
  12. “Drink One for Me”
  13. “Black Tears”
  14. “Walking Away”
  15. “Water Tower”

iTunes $10

Daily Carry

Daily Carry

This is a favorite topic of mine, the EDC site really started it all, I just carry on here in my own non-plagiarizing way.  Here is what is on my person today Jan 7th 2013.