iPhone 4

I’m going to start this posting by assuming that everyone knows that this is not an Apple Fanboy forum, I can not or will not critique the iPhone’s competitors since I have no interest at all in touching any of them.  Call me ignorant in your own geeky little minds but as long as Apple makes them I will buy them.  The iPhone suits my personal needs and that is the end of this topic.  All comments beyond general discussion of how it accents your life will be immediately destroyed deleted.

Now to the fun…

iPhone 4

I stuff mine in a Saddleback Leather Small Pouch and couldn’t be more pleased with my simple yet industrial digital assistant.  I won’t ramble too much about what it does since you probably already know (200 million of you already know and are probably reading this posting on an.. iPhone).  I will just highlight that it has killed my desires for a point and shoot camera/camcorder, a Tom Tom (bought the app), another iPod, a Kindle, a GameBoy/PSP, or a retro calculator watch.  When the first iPhone was announced I had plans of buying that dreaded Blackberry Pearl for a phone and a Palm LifeDrive for a portable web surfer.  I already had a 5th Gen Video iPod to suit my music and video needs. You can probably imagine my delight when the iPhone was announced as being the answer to getting some real estate back in my pockets.  Now; some got all fussy at the $600 price tag but since I already had plans on spending $700-800 on a pair of sub-adequate devices it was no thing to plop down the cash for the 8GB model.  As many did, I later moved on to the 3G when it was available a year later, then rode it out till the 4 arrived on the FedEx truck last June.

I cant imagine how they will make it better but I’m certain that they will.  I will skip the iPad 1 write-up (it technically belongs to my wife) so look for an iPad 2 post coming as soon as I pony up the cash for that perty white 16GB 3G model.


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