Maratac NATO Watch Straps

Maratac NATO Watch Straps

I purchased two of these (20mm Black & OD) to accommodate my new Ticino 44MM Big Pilot.  Words of advice; I was chastised by my watch snob compadre’s when I referred to them as watch bands.  “Bands have guitar players and drummers, they do not accessorize a watch”… Save yourself the grief, take this free advice and never make my mistake in the presence of guys wearing $5,000+ Panerai.

Review: Take the U.K. MOD (Ministry of Defense) spec as your basic watch strap, then over engineer it. The result? One of Maratac’s NATO watch straps. NATOs are a favorite of watch geeks everywhere, and there’s reason why. They look great on almost any sports watch (no, not a Timex Ironman) and serve as a lighter, breathable alternative to leather and steel. Maratacs feature nylon webbing that has been both ultrasonically welded and stitched for added durability, ultrasonically drilled holes to prevent rough spots that’ll annoy the hell out of you, and non-magnetic brushed stainless buckles and keepers. Plus, at a mere $17 bucks a piece, its a cheap way to change up your favorite timepiece. The Maratacs are sworn by in the watch community and, for the price, we concur.

Original article via Gear Patrol.

Official Maratac NATO’s from BroadArrow $17 Made in USA

UPDATE: Here is a photo of my setup… not too shabby for under $200

Ticino Big Pilot with NATO Strap


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