MontBlanc Meisterstück Leonardo Sketch Pencil

Mont Blanc Meisterstück Leonardo Sketch Pen

How about a MontBlanc Mechanical pencil with push mechanism, 5.5 mm lead, integrated pencil sharpener, made of black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem, gold-plated rings?

“What’s it for? It’s not for writing an essay, but it is great for sketches, drawings, flowcharts, and small bits of jotting. The lead width and pencil heft make it easy to quickly draw any length line. The cap, itself a small work of art, contains a sharpener for pointing the lead. In practice, the lead’s width means that there will be various edges varying from thin to wide, for producing different types of lines. But the initial point stays sharp for quite a while with an HB lead. Montblanc also provides 4B leads for darker, richer lines, and of course one can use third-party leads.  I’ve never seen another pencil with such a “wow” factor.”


Need more details before you drop $450 on a PENCIL? Meisterstück – Leonardo Sketch Pen.  At least the lead refills are affordable


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