Saddleback Leather Gadget Pouch

Saddleback Leather Pouch

There are literally hundreds of iPhone 4/4s case options but due to gorgeous industrial design I prefer to go commando.  This life decision drew me to the absolute best minimalist place to stash my digital assistant during transport, the “Small Saddleback Leather Gadget Pouch” (Dark Coffee).  I am convinced that this is the last iPhone case that I will need to buy (all future generations should fit nicely), and it gets more character every day of use.   I ‘d bet that you could cram just about any cell phone, smartphone into this “Timeless Multi-Use Design”.

Dimensions: 3 1/2″w x 5″h (12.6cm x 8.8cm) flat, but can fit a golf ball inside. All measurements are from outside edge to outside edge (Stitching robs 1/8″ from each side, but leather can stretch quite a bit if you want it to.)

Lining – Lined with pigskin, which has the 2nd toughest tensile strength rating of leathers. Kangaroo is the toughest.

Shown here in my favorite color “Dark Coffee” $31

03/01/2012 UPDATE: Just received my Large gadget pouch and it really is the perfect iPad case $55.  Shown here with the matching  Saddleback Utility straps and some other trusty Satchel Stuff.

Made in USA


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