Zippo Fire Starter Kit

Zippo Fire Starter Kit

What would a blog about pocket accessories be without mentioning Zippo.  I am convinced that the reason that the first iPod was a success is due in part to it’s chrome “Zippo-like” back.  Once smoking wasn’t cool and carrying 10,000 of your favorite songs in your pocket was, the iPod replaced everyones favorite arson toy (insert exploding iPod story here).  Enough about all that… In the outdoors, getting a fire started quickly can be a matter of life and death. And with the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit, starting a fire has never been easier. The reliable flint wheel ignition easily lights the water- resistant waxed tinder sticks. And with a water- resistant O-ring seal bult into the case, the contents stay dry.

Don’t know about you but I hear the Mantra de’ Beavis “Fire, Fire Fire… heh heh heh”

Zippo: $20Made in USA


One comment on “Zippo Fire Starter Kit

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