Victorinox Recruit Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Recruit

This one won’t require much of an introduction so how about a quick History Lesson?  In 1884 Victorinox Swiss Army Knives started with Karl Elsener working as a journeyman then opening his own cutler’s business in Ibach-Schwyz.  In order to distinguish it from copies, in 1909 the company founder decides to use the cross and shield, the current Victorinox emblem, on all pocket knives from then on. A mere 94 years later I receive  my very own shiny red Victorinox Recruit aka “Tiny Toolbox” and am instantly enabled to participate in daily tasks such as moving in and out of various homes, occasional car and motorcycle repairs, cutting pizza on a tailgate, and opening uncounted pints of Guinness.  I have even removed a splinter or two with those handy tweezers…

Exactly what a prospective soldier needs.

Amazon: $16Made in Switzerland


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