Paracord Lanyard

This small lanyard attaches to just about anything. They go especially well on knives and flashlights.  You can get it with a swivel clip on one end, and a small split ring on the other end. Or, you can get it plain. Attach this little guy to just about anything. And just to give it a bit of attitude, you must add the skull for cool factor!  Available in over 31 solid colors or 900 color combo’s but I think that black/OD will do just fine for me (maybe Blaze Orange for my Dad).  There are many Paracord impostors out there but these guys are the real deal, family run in the good ol U.S. & A.

SurvivalStraps: $12Made in USA


One comment on “Paracord Lanyard

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the “REAL DEAL” is jumpmaster99 on ebay. His are the best…he has been around a lot longer than survivalstraps. He is an OIF (Iraq) veteran and donates a portion of his proceeds to the Wounded Warrior program.

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