Tool Logic OC2P Travel Office

Tool Logic Travel Office

The Tool Logic OC2P Office Assistant is credit card size at just 5/8-Inch thick and made of translucent black ABS. It’s perfect for home, school, office, or on the road. It offers all the tools you need to handle paperwork, including stapler, precision hole punch, tape measure, scissors, pen staple remover plus flat and Phillips screwdrivers. There’s even an internal storage compartment for staples, paper clips and more. At just 3 ounces, the Office Assistant is completely self-contained and is a joy to carry. You’ll be amazed at how many features it offers. It’s the ultimate survival tool for today’s busy executive.

The OC2P features a cavity to hold paper clips and staples, compact stapler, one-hole hole Punch, one meter tape measure, precision scissors, flat and Phillips head screwdriver, socket, letter opener, staple remover and ball point pen.

TOOL LOGIC, THE COMPANY – Tool Logic, a leading manufacturer of credit card-sized multipurpose tools and accessories, began in 1994 with an inspired dream of a credit card-sized case filled with tools by creator Steve Padden. Within a year, Tool Logic introduced its revolutionary Credit Card Companion to the marketplace, offering users the benefits of traditional multifunctional pocket knives and tools with the beneficial size of a credit card. Tool Logic has continued to innovate by expanding its product line to include multi-function folding knives, flashlights and key ring accessories. Our philosophy is to maximize function in minimal space.

  • Packed with 10 essential features including stapler, hole punch, tape measure and more
  • Stapler takes standard size mini staples
  • Internal cavity can hold staples, paper clips, etc so the unit is completely self-contained
  • Precision scissor and one meter tape measure
  • Ultra-light at just 3 ounces
Amazon: $10

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