Meerschaum Pipe

Sultan Meerschaum Pipe

For post #100 I figured I’d do something special.  A few years ago a good friend of mine (and fellow Parrot Head) Col. J.D. Lynd was deployed to Turkey just before the holidays and mentioned that he was going to bring me something special back from the land of Turks.  When he returned I was presented with my annual Jimmy Buffett calendar, a bottle of Brew-it-up IPA that he had a hand in the creation and a miniature instrument case.  I initially thought was some kind of odd Turkish kazoo ended up a gorgeous Sultan carved into a Meerschaum pipe.

Meerschaum is a very rare mineral, a kind of hard white clay. Light and porous structure of the pipe keeps the smoke cool and soft. The pipe itself is a natural filter which absorbs the nicotine. Because of this peculiarity, meerschaum pipes slowly change their colors to different tones of gold and dark brown. This adds an esthetic enjoyment to its great smoking pleasure. The longer a pipe is smoked the more valuable it becomes due to the color change. Today many old and rare meerschaums have found a permanent place in museums and private collections.

AND pipes are made of high quality Eskisehir meerschaum which is very well known by experts. Unlike briar, meerschaum does not burn. Meerschaum pipes do not need pre-smoking to have a good quality performance. You can get perfect satisfaction with the very first smoking.

Every pipe comes in a completely custom fitted case. All mouthpieces and pipe-cases are handmade individually after the production of the pipes. Each pipe is a hand crafted art of the masters.

Mine was hand picked by a friend but you can find them at:

AND Meerschaum ranging from $12 – $90 each

Made in Turkey


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