TAD Life Capsule Omega

TAD Life Capsule Omega

There are plenty of things you want to have on you in a survival situation, then there are the things you really need. The Triple Aught Design Life Capsule is designed to contain and transport essentials such as matches, tinder quick, pills, a repair needle, or really anything small and vital. Better yet, we’ve designed the Life Capsule dimensions to contain the NATO SAS Compass, a tiny brass button compass and Survival Spark designed to withstand the harshest environments.

Our Life Capsules are relied upon by members of domestic and foreign special operations forces, backcountry diehards, search and rescue teams, law enforcement and anyone who spends a lot of time in the field or has a high degree of personal preparedness.
Made of lightweight and durable aircraft grade T6 aluminum, the compact Life Capsule can be stowed almost anywhere or threaded with paracord to wear around the neck. The quick detatch (QD) swivel is removable from the end cap, and can be used with one-inch nylon webbing or other methods for retention and carry. It is available in a black matte finish with the TAD logo etched on the top.

Triple Aught Design was founded in 1997 by Patrick Ma. His goal was to inspire people to explore their world by offering the best performing gear available. Patrick discovered his love for the secret beauty of remote terrains while growing up in and exploring the mountains of Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, and California.  Challenging marches through rough terrain as a young man in the United States Army gave Patrick a strong appreciation for durable and reliable equipment. He founded Triple Aught Design with a signature focus on combining rigorous functionality with sophisticated design.

TAD: $85Made in USA


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