Spyderco Bug C133

Spyderco Bug

Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly but someone forgot to tell the bee. The flight of the bumble bee defies both nature and one’s expectations that something that small can perform such a grand maneuver. Like bumblebees, Spyderco Bugs perform unexpectedly. The Bug, not much larger than a bee, is Spyderco’s latest addition. Last year Spyderco started offering SLIPITS which are non-locking slip-joint knives. They have no locking mechanism holding the blade open, relying instead on resistant pressure at the pivot area when the blade is extended and being used. Bugs are the smallest members of the SLIPIT group with a blade just 1 5/16″ (33mm).

This flat ground blade is 3Cr13 stainless steel and is only available as a PlainEdge. The Bug’s handle offers a flat surface for a small amount of engraving or embellishment and can be customized for use as jewelry or a gift item. Positioned on the end of the handle is a lanyard hole large enough to thread with a chain and be worn around the neck or slipped onto a key chain. The Bug is the smallest folder in the lineup.

I bought the slightly bigger (59mm) “Grasshopper” model for my son that he recently traded to me for a spring assisted Schrade, and I love the tiny tool. What solid little knives, for the price you really can’t go wrong. I searched but could not find a bad review. I plan on owning all three SS Bugs soon.

Spyderco: $10


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