Hohner Historic Puck Harmonica

Hohner Puck Harmonica

Campfire music wouldn’t be the same without Grandma and her old tarnished harmonica.  For 150 years now, Hohner has been making history. Not only in the production of instruments, but also in commerce, industry and culture.

A sidestep from the popular Marine Band harmonica, the Puck is a proud member of the successful “Historic Collection” bringing some of the finest instruments of Hohner history back to life in exclusive handmade models which have earned a place of honour in every harmonica collection.

Tireless investment in research and development, combined with knowledge that has been cultivated for decades, insures high quality standards — both now and in the future. By working in close co-operation with the most renowned professional harmonica players, Hohner ensures that instruments remain on the cutting edge of the industry.  Up-to-date manufacturing process uses special alloys and precise stamping and milling tools to produce reeds of optimal sound quality, responsiveness and longevity.

Hohner’s long standing dedication to harmonica excellence has inspired a loyal following among players from all walks of life; young and old, amateur and professional.

Reeds: 20
Reedplates: Brass; 0,9 mm
Comb: Plastic
Length in cm: approx. 6,5

Amazon: Puck $20, EncoreMusic: Double Puck $38Made in Germany


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