Colt Model 1911 A1 Pellet Gun

Colt 1911 Air Pistol

For the last 150 years, Colt has been a major world producer of Military equipment. This has included the Gatling Gun, the Colt .45 “Peacemaker”, the Colt Browning .30 and .50 caliber machine guns, the Thompson submachine gun, the Colt .45 pistol and more recently the M16A4 Rifle and the M4 Carbine.

Now this isn’t a “gun” blog (there are plenty of great places on the web or that), but a good solid pellet gun would make a great Satchel Stuffer.  This one would put a serious hurting on those empty beer cans that are just waiting for the recycling truck.

The Colt Model 1911 A1 has real wood grips and all metal dimensions of the original weapon were retained. The highly polished and blued finishes conform to Colt’s well-known standard of product integrity. Worth noting, too, is that every model is made entirely of high-quality die-cast metal which assures precision and long system life.

AirGunDepot: $270


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