Minox Leica Mini Digital Camera

Minox Leica M3

The bad part of getting captured by supervillains is the diabolical laser shrinking rays. But the good thing about being shrunk to 5/8th scale is that the Classic Mini Digital Camera will still fit your tiny hands!

Ever heard of Minox? They created the sleek silver spy camera the CIA used in the 40s, the same camera James Bond used. This is their latest, a teeny replica of the Leica M3. It’s got all the details of the original, down to a moving “film advance” lever and side loops for a wee camera strap.

Though it’s small, this little camera’s no toy; hidden inside are 5.1 megapixels, a rechargeable battery, and a slot for an SDHC memory card. There’s also a German-engineered glass lens, a 2″ screen to compose your shots, and one easy button to take the photo. It even takes video!

Cold War style + Machine Age craftsmanship + Digital Age technology = one amazing miniature camera.

Photojojo Store: $180


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