Pendleton Whisperwool Muffler

Received mine as a gift over 17 years ago from my Uncle when living in “God-Forsaken-Minnesota”.  Uncle Mike was enjoying the warm Southern California weather (where I grew up) and took pity on me when I explained that it was already snowing in mid-September. He generously sent me the highest quality wool muffler money could buy, and in the -30 weather of White Bear Lake this became a staple of my exo-skeleton.  I didn’t quite understand what I had at first, I thought it was just some random scarf to help me cope with the freezing arctic weather, boy was I wrong.  It still looks as good as the day it showed up on the delivery truck, and my fail-safe to keeping the ol’ coconut warm during these brisk Northern California winters.  Had a brief scare recently when I accidentally left it behind at a Chick-fil-A.  I am happy to report that it was waiting there when we rushed back, but it shook me up all the same (prompting this posting).

Story Time:

The company’s roots began in 1863 when Thomas L. Kay made a transcontinental trek to the west coast and began working in the woolen mills in Oregon. He went on to opened his own woolen mill, the Thomas Kay Woolen Mill in Salem, Oregon. Kay was an immigrant from England and a weaver by trade. He had previously worked in various textile mills on the east coast of the United States. Before opening his own mill in Salem, he had helped to set up only the second mill in Oregon at Brownsville.

Kay brought his oldest daughter, Fannie Kay, into the business and after learning the operation and management of the mill, she became her father’s assistant. In 1876 Fannie married retail merchant C.P. (Charles Pleasant) Bishop. This proved to be a great benefit to Kay’s company and to the Bishop enterprises in the combination of manufacturing and retail sales. The Bishops passed their expertise and knowledge to their three sons: Clarence, Roy, and (Robert) Chauncey. Much more on Wikipedia

Here’s what Pendleton has to say about this Muffler:  Long muffler woven in our Northwest mills of pure virgin merino wool that’s so soft and light. Dry clean. Made in the Portland, Oregon USA. 12¾” x 69″, including twisted fringe. I have the blue & green one shown, comes in a variety of colors.

Pendleton Woolen Mills $48


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