My EDC Bag Dump

Just submitted my bag dump to the pocket filling brethren of EDC, hopefully I am featured.  In the chance I am not chosen; I will show off today’s “SatchelStuff”.  At least the stuff that fits…

Not seen (still hiding in bag)
  • Rhodia No18 Blank
  • Rhodia Large Dot Webbie
  • Rhodia No11 Bloc
  • Palamino Blackwing 602 (about half if it left)
  • Kum Loungpoint pencil sharpener
  • Glaceau SmartWater
  • LaCie 16GB thumbdrive
  • Altoids Smalls (wintergreen)

Believe it or not, I am not affiliated with the Saddleback leather or Rhodia folks, but I do really love all of their products and philosophy for making great stuff. Now looking at all this mess I discovered just how codependent on all this material goodness I am, and sorta proud of it (earned every bit of it the old fashioned way, working smart and hard).

What’s in Your Pouch?


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