Ritual Roasters Coffee

Earlier this year a friend turned me on to Ritual Roasters coffee and I will admit my newest addiction is well worth the 30+ minute drive to my closest location (Napa).  So much that I am on my second complete “Heavy Drinker” card.  These guys are true coffee artisans, you will not regret the Ritual.

Story Time

Ritual Coffee Roasters opened in May 2005 with the intention to share amazing coffee with San Francisco and it was only a matter of weeks, or maybe just one, before Ritual had a line out the door. Many of our customers asked what we were doing to our coffee to make it taste so good, while the connoisseurs simply wanted to know what took us so long to get here.

What is so special about the coffee, you ask? It’s the precise care we take with every step. From our uncompromising selection of green coffee, to our unflagging attention to roasting; from our rigid freshness standards, to our intensive barista training program. You may be inclined to laugh when you hear that we taste a coffee no fewer than 20 times before it makes it into our coffee bars, but if you are, we bet that you’ll also be inclined to say, “I don’t know why, but this just tastes better.” No matter how often we hear it, we get a rush every time we hear that our coffee is the best a person has ever had.

Seasonal batches available online in 8oz, 12oz bags or by the pound $15 – $24

Coffee subscriptions available (deep pockets required)


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