Stumptown Hair Bender

Wow… Got my hands on some Hair Bender last week. I had predicted a wonderful this week and was spot on (Full Review coming soon, till then here is what they say about this prized beverage.

“Hair Bender is a complex blend featuring coffee from all three of the major growing regions; Latin America, East Africa and Indonesia. We devote constant attention to Hair Bender and are proud of its status as our most popular coffee.

We often say our dedication to coffee at the farm level, including how the coffee is grown, picked, separated and processed is what sets Stumptown apart. The Hair Bender is no exception to this rule.

Unlike many other espressos of the world, Hair Bender features fully washed coffee as its backbone, and can have five to eight different coffees at any given time. We hand select these coffees to provide clarity along with the sweetness and complexity we are seeking. We continually taste this blend and each of its components (on the cupping table as well as espresso) to maintain the balance of flavors.”

Stumptown $14 per 12oz bag


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