Jason Aldean: Night Train

Jason Aldean Night Train

This is a new topic for Satchel Stuff but I figured that since my iPod is in the Satchel and it is full of music I should review what I carry, and Night Train is my current go to track list.  Now for Mr. Aldean … Anxiously anticipated and not disappointed.  I bought this album the day I was heading out for an annual hunting trip and wow is this a great road trip album.  Keep it up Jason, keep it up!


  1. “This Nothin’ Town”
  2. “When She Says Baby”
  3. “Feel That Again”
  4. “Wheels Rollin'”
  5. “Talk”
  6. “The Only Way I Know” (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church)
  7. “Take a Little Ride”
  8. “I Don’t Do Lonely Well”
  9. “Night Train”
  10. “1994”
  11. “Staring at the Sun”
  12. “Drink One for Me”
  13. “Black Tears”
  14. “Walking Away”
  15. “Water Tower”

iTunes $10


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