Terroir Pocket Knife

Terroir Pocket Knife

Forget slick color coated handles on your pocket knives, and get a bit manlier with the Terroir Pocket Knife. With a thick rosewood handle, the Terroir Pocket Knife is basically the knife any outdoorsman would want to cuddle with at night. The knife, which was originally designed in France and produced by Baladeo, sports a 3.5″ stainless steel blade and clocks in at 3.4 ounces. There’s no fancy set of tweezers or any plastic toothpick, just a high-quality blade you can use to remove splinters and pick whatever you just cooked over your campfire out of your teeth with (be ultra careful with that part).  I recently bought one of these from Cool Material to compare to my old Henkels Sodbuster and it’s darn close (just a little smaller). Hat tip to Cool Material.

Cool Material $19


One comment on “Terroir Pocket Knife

  1. Paul Yeaton says:

    Thanks. I bought it, but still pine for the Henckels you displayed. I had that exact knife, and it was stolen in 1974. Have wished for it ever since. Stainless blade isn’t exactly what I want but it’s nice looking and should assuage my Henckels longings for a buit

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