Vintager Straps

Vintager Straps

I really cant say enough great things about Vintager Straps by Micah Dirksen of Napa CA. This guy out does himself on every strap I have ever seen.  Last year he made me a 22/20mm strap for the Saddleback Leather “Beast Giveaway” out of one of their dark coffee Utility Straps (small pic below).  We’ll just say that Micah inspired me to take my artistic needs to the next step and start up some leather working myself.

About a month ago I placed another order, this time for two straps.  One was for his famous Mauser strap in a 24mm to round out my Greg Stevens GSD-1 47mm wrist macho.  I also love Micah’s Vintager French Canvas straps, but had a special request… I wanted one made from an old U.S. Army canvas bag that was my fathers around the time I was born at Fort Lewis WA.  So I sent him my size specs, thread color request (Mil Spec green for both), desired buckles, then we corresponded about the fit and placement of the “U S” on the strap then the email arrives with the photo of the completed product. As you can see in the photo he sent me yesterday, he knocked this one outta the park! What a great way to wear my heritage and some good ol’ U.S. Army pride.  Now the only part that sucks is waiting on the USPS to deliver…

Vintager Saddleback Strap

UPDATE: They showed up so I have added a couple photos below.


US Army Canvas Mauser



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